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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Main Theme

Hi Ayan!

Welcome to your web portal! Here is a video showing how to play the Age of Ultron Main Theme music which we went over last lesson. Below, you'll also find the youtube video playing the original music (the part we are learning starts at second 40). Finally, there is also a video showing how to play an "F Minor Scale." All of the notes in the Age of Ultron Theme are from this scale so it is very important to learn and practice it!

1) Age of Ultron Main Theme for Piano:

2) Original Age of Ultron Music (Start at second 40):

3) F Minor Scale. Uses notes: F, G, AFlat, BFlat, C, DFlat, E Flat, and F:

When playing this scale use the correct fingering! Just follow these numbers, and remember thumb is 1! F(1), G(2), AFlat(3), BFlat(4) - Switch back to thumb - C(1), D Flat(2), E Flat(3), and F(4).

Have fun and all the best,


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