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First Post For Margot, Lily, and Vivy!

Hi Margot, Lily, and Vivy! I hope all is well! I have uploaded a few videos that will help you as you practice this week.

1) Fur Elise

This week Lily began work on a song called "Fur Elise" written by Beethoven. The video below shows the first part of this piece, which we went over on Sunday.

This is the beginning of the piece, and it has 3 main phrases:

Phrase 1 plays notes: E, D-Sharp, E, D-Sharp, E, B, D, C, A.

Phrase 2 plays notes: C, E, A, B

Phrase 3 plays notes: E, G Sharp, B, C

Watch the video above, follow along, and let me know if you have any questions!

2) Do your ears hang low

This week Vivy completed all of "Do your ears hang low!" If she forgets any of the notes this week she can use the video below as a reference!

3) Exercises in C,D, and G Positions for left and right hands

Lastly, both Lily and Vivy can work on these exercises for right and left hands.

Right Hand: (Repeat 4 Times Daily)

Left Hand: (Repeat 4 Times Daily)

Have fun! I will see you Sunday.


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