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Fur Elise and Jonah and the Whale

Hello Margot, Lily, and Vivy! I recorded a few videos to help with your practice this week!

First, Lily and I have begun to add the left hand to Fur Elise. Below is Lily playing the first part of Fur Elise with both hands:

Here the left hand comes in right when the right hand plays the first A, and plays the following notes: A,E, and A. If she practices just this much of the song 10 minutes a day that would be fantastic.

If she feels ambitious, we also looked at a new left hand part for Fur Elise which she could also practice. Below you will see the left hand play three notes: E, E one octave higher, and G Sharp:

Third, Vivy and I learned the rest of "Jonah and the Whale." Below you can see Vivy playing through this song! She stopped just before the end. If she can play through all the songs she knows once a day that would be great!

Have fun, and don't forget to practice the pages in the work book as well!



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