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"Bach Minuet in G Major" and "She Waded in the Water!"

Hi Margot, Lily, and Vivy! Here are videos from our last lesson that will help you with your practice!

1) Congratulations to Vivy for learning ALL of "She Waded in the Water." Keep practicing this song during the week and use this video if you need any help remembering the notes!:

2) Vivy and Lily also began work on Bach's Minuet in G Major learning almost the ENTIRE first line! Keep up the great work, and watch this video if you need help remembering what to play!

3) Here's another video of Bach's Minuet in G major. This time Lily used the right pedal, called the "Sustain" pedal. Notice how the notes blend together creating a soft and beautiful tone!

Keep up the great work, and don't forget to do the pages I assigned in your work book!

See you next week! Jack

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