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Online Lesson Number 3!

Hi Charlie!

I hope you are having a great vacation so far! Today we will review and practice the D scale, just with the right hand. Then we will take a look at Bach's March in D Major!

Get your keyboard out and prepare to play along as you watch the videos below!

1) Review the D Major Scale!

Remember, to play the D Major Scale you can use the same fingers that you use when you play the C Major scale! Going UP the scale use 123 > switch back to your thumb > 12345. Going DOWN the scale use 54321 > switch to your middle finger > 321. You can practice your D Major Scale using the video below!

2) D Major Scale Practice!

Next let's learn Bach's March in D Major! The videos below go through the first part of this piece, phrase by phrase, using just the right hand. You have already learned some of this piece, but I started from the beginning in case you needed a reminder!

3) Bach March in D Major part 1!

Once you feel comfortable playing this first part, you can practice it using the video below!

4) Bach Part 1 Practice!

Now, let's learn the next phrase of the song! This next video starts with the phrase you just practiced, and then adds a few more notes! Watch the video with your keyboard out and play along!

5) Bach March in D Major Part 2!!

Great work! The next video adds just 3 more notes to what you already know! Watch the video, play along, and you'll be almost done!

6) Bach March in D Major Part 3!!!

Great job! The video below adds the last two notes that we will learn today!

7) Bach March in D Major Part 4!!!!

Awesome work Charlie! Once you have watched the videos above, and feel comfortable with each part, use the final video to practice Bach's March in D Major. In this video I played the left hand part as well so you can hear how the two hands sound together as you play!

8) Bach March in D Major Practice!


1) Watch each video in the lesson with your keyboard out, playing along when instructed.

2) Practice the D Major Scale, playing along with the exercise in Video 2!

3) Practice Bach's March in D Major, playing along with the final video 8!

4) Use an I-Phone or I-Pad to record a practice video. The video should include: 1) A demonstration of the D Major Scale four times in a row with no mistakes, and 2) A performance of what you have learned so far from Bach's March in D Major. Please email me this video by Tuesday August 16th.

Have fun!

All the best,


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