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Online Lesson 4: Captain America Main Theme!

Hi Charlie! In this lesson I want to review the G major and G Minor Scales, and then learn the main theme from Captain America!

The Captain America Theme is in the "Key" of G Minor. This means that all the notes of the song are taken from the "G Minor Scale." Let's start by taking a close look at the G Major and G Minor scales. Get out your keyboard and play along with the videos below:

1) G Major Scale!

Remember, when you play the G Major Scale use the correct fingering: 123 - 12345 > 54321 - 321.

2) G Minor Scale!

Once you feel that you know the notes to the G Minor Scale, practice it by playing along with the video below!:

3) G Minor Scale Practice!:

Next let's learn the Captain America Main Theme! The video below plays the original score from the movie. The theme we will learn starts around 00:47.

4) Captain America:

This theme was originally written for a whole symphony of instruments, but we will play a version of it just on piano. For now we will focus on right hand only.

5) Captain America for Piano:

To learn the Captain America Theme, let's separate it into three parts, and focus on just one at a time.

6) Captain America Part 1!

Once you feel comfortable with part 1, you can practice by playing along with video below!

7) Captain America Part 1 Practice!

Next, let's learn part 2!

8) Captain America Part 2!

Now that you have learned all of Captain America part 1 and 2, practice both parts together using the video below!

9) Captain America Parts 1 and 2 Practice!

Next, let's learn part 3! This will be the last part we will focus on today.

10) Captain America Part 3!

Finally, once you feel comfortable playing each part, practice all three parts together, using the video below!

11) Captain America Practice!


1) Watch each video in the lesson with your keyboard out, playing along when instructed.

2) Practice the G Minor Scale, playing along with the exercise in Video 3!

3) Learn Captain America Main Theme using videos 6 through 10, and practice using video 11.

4) Use an I-Phone or I-Pad to record a practice video. The video should include: 1) A demonstration of the G Minor Scale four times in a row with no mistakes, and 2) A performance of Captain America Main Theme, as played in video 11. Please email me this video by Tuesday August 29th.

Have fun!

All the best,



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