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Camel Caravan, Ocean Waves and the G Minor Scale!

Hi Olaf!

Here are three videos to help you as you practice this week!

First, here is a video of measures 5 through 10 of "Camel Caravan." Watch the video and try to play along!

1) Camel Caravan!

The next video demonstrates measures 5 through 9 of "Ocean Waves!" Watch the video and see if you can play along!

2) Ocean Waves!

Last, here is a video showing how to play the G Minor scale up and down one octave. The scale is played 4 times through at a slower tempo, and 4 times through at a faster tempo. Practice along with the recording and see if you can keep up!

3) G minor Scale Practice

Don't forget to use the correct fingering for the right hand:

UP: 123 12345

DOWN: 54321 321

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!


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