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Welcome to your Web Portal!

Hi Amaridor!

Welcome to your web portal! This is a place where I can upload videos to help you learn new songs!

For your first post, here are three videos that will help you practice "Happy Birthday" one section at a time! Watch each video with your keyboard out and play along until you can play just like the recording! Remember you can rewind as many times as you want.

1) Happy Birthday Part 1

Video 1 plays the first two lines of the song! As you play sing along, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday TO YOU!" The part will be repeated four times.

2) Happy Birthday Part 2

Video 2 plays the next line of the song: "Happy Birthday to AMARIDOR!" The part will be repeated four times.

3) Happy Birthday Part 3

Video 3 plays the last line of the song!: "Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!" Once you learn this part you will know the whole song! The part will be repeated four times.

4) Happy Birthday FULL SONG!

Once you have learned each part of the song, play along with this video to practice the whole piece together!

Have fun and I will see you next week!



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