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Summer Practice!

Hi Olaf!

I hope your summer is going well! Watch the videos below to review the E Dorian Scale and the Halo Piano Theme which we learned in our last lesson. Play along when instructed. Repeat each exercise until you can play along and make it sound just like the video! At least 4 times each day until mastered. Stop and rewind as many times as is necessary!

Right Hand Warm up in D Dorian

Start with a right hand warm up, playing along with the video above.

Halo Piano Theme Review Part 1

Watch this video to review the basic right and left hand rhythms used in the Halo Piano theme.

Halo Piano Theme Review Part 2

Once you are comfortable with the rhythms in E, use this video to practice moving between E and D.

Halo Piano Theme Review Part 3

In the full piano part, the rhythm happens once in E, once in D, one more time in E and then a short melody is played. Play along with this video to practice this progression and melody.

Halo Piano Theme Review Part 4

Once you have mastered the halo rhythm, chords and melody, watch this video to practice it all together!

Have fun and I will see you in a few weeks!



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