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First Summer Lesson!

Hi Margot, Lily, and Vivy!

I hope you are having a great summer vacation! Here are a few videos to help you as you practice piano over the break.

Watch these videos with your keyboard out and play along! Use a computer or I-Pad set up right next to the keyboard so you can watch and play along at the same time. Probably it will be best to watch the videos together with Lily and Vivy so you can help them with the exercises. Remember you can always pause and rewind as much as you want!

1) Warm-Ups for your Fingers!

To keep your fingers fast and nimble play along with these finger warmups in C position, D position, and G position!

2) Review of Bach Minuet in G Major!

Here is a step by step review of the Bach Minuet in G Major! Lily and Vivy may remember this piece from our lessons, and if they feel confident they can skip ahead and practice the entire piece in video 3.

Margot, you will be learning it for the first time! As a goal, watch this video and play along to learn the piece phrase by phrase! Practice one phrase at a time and take as much time as you need, pausing or rewinding the video as many times as you want!

3) Bach Minuet Practice!

Once you have used video 2 to learn each phrase of Bach's Minuet in G, practice the piece from beginning to end using the video below!

4) Songs for Vivy!

Last, here are videos of some of Vivy's favorite pieces from our lessons: She Waded in the Water, Do Your Ears Hang Low, and Jonah and the Whale. Watch these videos and have Vivy play along to refresh her memory!

She Waded in the Water!

Do Your Ears Hang Low!

Jonah and the Whale!


1) Each of you should practice the finger warm-ups from video 1 until they can be played four times in a row with no mistakes!

2) Vivy should practice She Waded in the Water, Do Your Ears Hang Low, and Jonah and the Whale.

3) Review the Bach Minuet in Video 2. As a goal, each of you should try to memorize the entire piece and practice playing from beginning to end with no mistakes!

4) For motivation it would be great if you could use your computer, I-Pad or I-Phone to make a recording of Lily and Vivy playing through the finger warm ups and Minuet once correctly!

As a goal, complete the practice above and email me the practice video by Thursday July 14th!

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun!



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